GCWAC helps Mayor Cranley’s Task Force on Immigration

As a proud member of Mayor John Cranley’s Task Force on Immigration that was launched last Thursday, the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council (GCWAC) thought it would be pertinent to share why and what it means to us. Michelle Harpenau and Katie Krafka are a part of the international attractiveness committee. The council will partner with other committee members to help “attract more immigrants, from patronizing their businesses to welcoming them as neighbors,” as the most recent article, “Attracting Immigrants will help us all,” was released today by the Cincinnati Enquirer stated.  By giving the council a voice on the committee, the GCWAC will be able to see its vision – to have a Greater Cincinnati region connected to the world by a culturally aware, engaged, and respectful citizenry – more fully realized.

What does international attractiveness mean to the council and the region?  There are many ways that Cincinnati can brand the city to be more welcoming towards immigrants. The council is leading this initiative through enhancing and sharing online global resources with the community at large. Global Cincinnati, an online one-stop-shop for anything international within the region – businesses, organizations, specialists, cultural guides to the city, and more, connects all people & internationally oriented organizations. This premier website is the first of its kind where different cultures can find their link to the Greater Cincinnati region. It is an ever growing website and we are looking to make it as comprehensive as possible with the help of this committee and our community. It is part of our Mission to build this website into a uniting force within the tri-state. This important stance towards making the region more welcoming towards immigrants will help put our city on the global map. It will also enhance our image to students and professionals who come to live, study, and work here. There is so much that we can do and we hope that we can play our part and play it well.

Mayor Cranley’s initiative will set the region up for future success in an only growing global economic and social initiative. It will allow community members to be more aware of the opportunities to connect and increase stewardship of these resources. This step will showcase the region as a trail blazer for other cities. Again, the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council is a proud member of this task force and will continue to strive towards creating an atmosphere that is welcoming to all.

What does international attractiveness for the region look like for you? Please let us know!

By Michelle Harpenau
Michelle Harpenau is the Executive Director of the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council.

PHOTO Credit: Hannah Haney/The Enquirer

Read more about the immigration task force launched last Thursday 6/24 here.

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