Great Decisions – China’s Foreign Policy

Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council (GCWAC) hosted a Great Decisions session on China’s Foreign Policy on Saturday, September 27 on the lovely Northern Kentucky University campus.  We had a lively and informative discussion of the various issues facing China, issues China presents for US policy, and the forces shaping China’s approach.  Our discussion took advantage of the printed materials, video and discussion framework provided by the Foreign Policy Association.  Thanks to all who participated for their thoughtful points and engagement.

As a follow-up to the event, I thought it might be useful to list some references for further exploration of this important topic.  I have found these references to be good sources of both current and historical context for today’s policy questions.

A sense of having been ill-used in the past still guides China’s foreign policy.  For some background in the history of the one-sided intervention of Western colonial powers in China, Hudson’s book The Far East in World Politics, gives a good overview.

The Teaching Company has an excellent course available on video called The Fall and Rise of China

The Weatherhood East Asia Institute at Columbia maintains a very comprehensive website of Asia for Educators.  Whether you are an educator looking for classroom materials or, like me, an interested citizen, you will find a treasure trove of materials here.

For extensive background on the volatile competing claims in the South China Sea, the website South China Sea contains maps, claims, history and references.

Many think tanks maintain extensive programs of research, publishing and events on China’s foreign policy.  One of the ones I find helpful on China, and in fact on all things global, is the Center for Strategic and International Studies.  The publications and podcasts are of uniformly high quality and extensive in range.  This organization should be a bookmark for everyone interested in foreign policy.

Hope to see more of these events!

By Rich Lauf

Rich Lauf is a Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council Board Member.

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