GCWAC Staff, Katie Krafka, Shares Experiences as a Council Member with Global Visitors

Since being appointed to Amelia Village Council in January 2013, and then being elected in November 2013, I have had two jobs: Council Member for Amelia Village and Director of Global Education with the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council (GCWAC). The mixing of my two roles does not happen regularly but every so often the GCWAC get a group of international professionals who are interested in meeting with a local, small town government! Amelia Village fits the bill!

In October, along with Amelia Village Mayor Todd Hart, I met with a group of professionals from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to discuss Campaigns and Elections in the United States. The group consisted of elected officials, judges, executive assistants and lawyers. We spent two hours giving the group a tour of our administration building and police department as well as discussing and comparing executing elections and serving the citizens in our respective countries.

Meeting with international professionals who serve as the Council Member equivalent in their country was very impactful. After listening & sharing stories about local government you realize that no matter what country you live, we all want the same basic things and the solutions to our problems are quite similar. I am proud to be an ambassador for Amelia Village, as well as for Ohio and the United States of America. Through meetings with peers from other countries we share and work towards global solutions to our common problems!

Take a look at the news article written by the Clermont Sun about Congolese Professionals visiting Amelia Village, Ohio.

By Katie Krafka
Director of Global Education, Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council
Council Member, Amelia Village

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