Interfaith Relations in Cincinnati

Shakila Ahmad

Shakila Ahmad is a Cincinnati community leader on a mission: to connect diverse individuals in the Cincinnati region and foster relationships based on mutual understanding. She accomplishes this through serving the community in at least five different organizations in various capacities. Ahmad spends the majority of her volunteer time as the President and Board Chair of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati (ICGC), where she has served half of her two year term.


The center is currently engaged in a number of ongoing programs for the community. The most prominent of these is a series called the “Tours and Talks.” Activities are centered on welcoming anyone to participate in the center tours and listen to relevant speakers.

Service Learning

In addition to open educational programs, Ahmad shared her favorite interfaith community service project where about 40 junior high and high school students from Mother of Mercy and the Islamic Center’s weekend school partnered with the environmental nonprofit Imago to develop a garden learning center for a school in Pleasant Ridge. The next service learning project is slated for April.

Xavier University

The partnership in education doesn’t end with high school graduation. The Islamic Center is preparing to collaborate with Xavier University for Nostra Aetate, celebrating their rich history of interfaith relationships. Ahmad mentioned a variety of events, culminating in a fall conference at Xavier University.

Building Cincinnati

Ahmad spoke extensively about the importance of individuals within the Tri-State area to break down pre-determined barriers and form meaningful relationships to improve the community:

“I really believe that there is more good than bad in the world, but it takes all of us working together to bring out the good.”

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