Katie Krafka on Global Education

“Your global education is what??”

Nope, I don’t want your money.

After four years as Director of Global Education with the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council, my biggest concern is when schools explain their global education solely consists of raising money to send to Haiti every year.

Why are you raising money to send to Haiti?

Do you know a Haitian?

Are you supporting something specific?

Have you ever met someone from Haiti?

Usually, the students and teachers have trouble answering all those questions. When pressed, they can’t even point to where Haiti is on a world map.

True global education is more.

Global education can connect students to real people from around the world.



Global education can create relationships rooted in respect and understanding.


Augustin Palenfo (Burkina Faso) helps students practice vocabulary skills with NKU students.

Global education can create curiosity about the world in which we live.



Global education can include you.


Get involved today.

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