International Musicians in Cincinnati

Fourth Annual Constella Festival

International and local artists alike will be gathering to perform in Cincinnati over the next two weeks, thanks to the Constella Festival founder, Tatiana Berman and the boards. Berman explains that vital partnerships with “international stars and local organizations” will boost the global visibility of Cincinnati’s already thriving art scene.

“[The Constella Festival features] high quality programming… each event is special and eclectic.” -Tatiana Berman, Founder of the Constella Festival

The name Constella is derived from the word constellations, illustrating the festival’s mission to connect artist to the “bigger world around us.”

Festival Events

The 2015 Constella Festival will feature ten events from April 8th to 19th featuring a wide range of events including an original composition by Price Hill students, a French inspired pianist performance, and ballet at the Freedom Center. Berman stress the importance of visual content in classical music and has released her own music video depicting her experiences as a violinist.

All of the events can be found listed on the Global Events Calendar.

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Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council (GCWAC)

The Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council is proud to support international events that benefit the Tri-State area, like the Constella Festival. Last year, GCWAC welcomed over 200 international visitors from 65 countries to Cincinnati, boosting the local economy by approximately $158,000. As Cincinnati continues to participate in the larger global society, GCWAC is committed to providing educational resources and facilitating relationships that cross cultural lines and improve international relations.

Join GCWAC’s mission and get involved with the international affairs happening in Cincinnati today.

Hannah McGahee, Social Media Intern

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