5 Reasons to Get Involved with GCWAC

If you’ve read the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council (GCWAC)’s mission statement, you know how important our work is to the Tri-State area.
To be the leader in preparing the region and its citizens, individually and collectively, to thrive in the 21st century global environment by promoting international understanding, education, engagement, and cooperation.
But just in case you needed more evidence of GCWAC’s impact, we’ve listed the top five reasons to get involved today.

5. Education

How important is international engagement in Cincinnati? Katie Krafka, director of Global Education, will tell you it’s crucial for our future.

“When I go into a classroom, some kids think that Ohio is a continent!” -Katie Krafka on the importance of Global Education at the Annual Meeting

The Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council (GCWAC) makes sure that Cincinnati students understand their connection to the world through a variety of education programs including trivia events and the original “Build the World” game.

In the past four years, GCWAC has reached almost 8,000 young people, equipping them with the skills necessary to participate in their rapidly expanding world.

GCWAC also facilitates educational events for adults and even keeps a calendar connecting anyone to international events in Cincinnati.

View the updated calendar on Facebook or globalcincinnati.org.

4. International Visitors in Cincinnati Education

Education doesn’t stop with Cincinnati residents. GCWAC’s International visitors often participate in programs involving Cincinnati students and partner organizations. In the video below, students present their research project to Brazilian visitors.

Katie Krafka, Director of Global Education, and Michelle Harpenau, Executive Director, presented their unique program that combines education and international visitors at the 2015 US Global Ties Conference.

“It’s one thing for students to see pictures of a country, their people and culture. When a student actually meets a person from that country, they get to hear their language and see how they dress. It makes something distant and abstract into a person with a name and a voice.” – Katie Krafka, director of Global Education, from PIE Press Release

3. International Visitors for the Cincinnati Economy

GCWAC’s international visitors form relationships with just more that just students; they interact professionally with local business and boost the overall economy. In the past four years, just over 1,000 international visitors explored Cincinnati through GCWAC’s national affiliate programs. Michelle Harpenau, Executive Director, estimated at the annual meeting that in 2014 alone, GCWAC’s international visitor program boosted the local economy by $158,000.

“It is truly lucky to have such unique local restaurants – Skyline, LaRosa’s, and Montgomery Inn – to share with international visitors that come here to the region. Those look on the visitors’ faces of curiosity and a little hesitation after smelling the chili that is in front of them is one of the best moments of sharing our culture!” Michelle Harpenau in her blog post

Valuable business connections and professional relationships are regularly formed through GCWAC’s Global Visitor program and benefit the entire Tri-State region.

2. ONE Mind – ONE World – ONE Night Gala

Have you tested your international trivia skills in a Global Game of Wit?
Attendees of our annual ONE Mind – ONE World – ONE Night Gala enjoy live international themed entertainment, delicious meal, compete for locally donated raffle prizes and show off their global knowledge in a hilarious game of international trivia similar to the World Affairs Council of America’s national Academic WorldQuest competition.

 1. We Have a Place for You!

No matter your experience, talent, or passion, GCWAC has an opportunity for you to give back to the Tri-State region on a global scale. Get involved today to prepare your community to engage with international culture while meeting new people and investing your time in growing your own skill-set.

We have a place for you! Find it today.

Hannah McGahee, Social Media Intern

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