4 Reasons You Should Internationalize Your Instagram!

  1. Learn more about the world!

Whether you want to keep up to date on world affairs or just pick up some conversational tidbits, there are a lot of different accounts to choose from. Follow the BBC or CNN to stay ahead of happenings around the world.

  1. Broaden your cultural horizons!

Pictures are like windows into other cultures, and Instagram is full of them! There are a lot of different kinds of accounts to follow. Some highlight people in different places, others food or locations. Which brings me to my next point:

  1. Develop your interests!

What are you interested in? There are accounts for just about everything out there. You can explore your interests and see others share more about them too!

  1. Discover new interests!

There’s such a broad range of Instagram accounts that you can find something for any topic you’d like to explore. Check out some topics and accounts below!

Make an account here: https://instagram.com/ & then search the following accounts and follow!


Jungle Jim’s


Spoon Fork Bacon


Jamie Oliver

Food Republic

A Life Worth Eating


Everyday Africa

National Geographic

National Geographic Travel

CNN Travel

BBC Travel

Humans of New York





Stance Nation

Amazing Cars

Cars Without Limits

Black List

Super Street


Oystein T. Berntsen

Nicely Abel

Timothy B. Hill

Cabell Tice

Junichi Yamaguchi

Tanner Jacobsen

By: Kelsay Calvaruso, Social Media Intern

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