Visiting International Delegation Speaks to Winton Woods High School

The Academy of Global Studies (AGS) at Winton Woods High School had the pleasure of welcoming two international groups to speak during a course called “global seminar” which each student volunteers to take from 7:10AM – 7:55AM each day during the school year.  Through the gracious help of the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council, the almost 350 students in AGS had the pleasure of interacting and hearing from various international leaders from 15 different countries.  On October 6th, 2015, the students heard from international visitors who were a part of the “Empowering European Youth Through Entrepreneurship and Innovation” program.  These visitors shared their experiences abroad and helped to piece together what life was like in their country to the AGS students.  On October 7th, 2015 the students heard from women leaders who were a part of the “Changemakers: Women as Community Leaders” program.  This experience was extremely beneficial to
the students as they learned about what it took to be a leader and defy the social norms that are set in place in certain areas of the world.

Changemakers: Women as Community Leaders

After each visit, the students were able to interact and exchange social media information with the speakers to stay in touch with those with which they identified the best.  This experience was truly eye-opening and beneficial for the AGS population and staff and will be forever grateful to both the visitors and the GCWAC as a

result!  We look forward to continuing our partnership with the GCWAC in order to offer more experiences to our students!

Written by:

Josh Amstutz, Math Teacher

Academy of Global Studies Facilitator

Winton Woods High School

Bring the world to you high school! If your high school is interested in hosting international visitors to present and connect to students, please contact Michelle Harpenau of the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council.

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