Friends in February: Kuy Plastic Surgery

Kuy Plastic Surgery, Inc is a prime example of how connected the world is today. Dr. Daniel G. Kuy runs a plastic surgery office here in Cincinnati, Ohio, Crestview, Kentucky, and in his original home country, SWITZERLAND!

Linette Kuy, wife and Practice Manager, describes global education as no longer a curriculum add-on, but rather “a necessity for all students, as job markets and economies are increasingly interdependent.”

With the world becoming more interdependent, adults too can benefit from international perspectives. Kuy relates it to broadening minds and opening hearts to concerns beyond our borders, promoting tolerance and compassion. She believes in learning from those who live in different cultures and conditions.

A quote from Benjamin Franklin comes to mind, “Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I may remember, Involve me and I learn.”

At the One World Gala this is exactly what our council strives to do right here in our local community. The council involves community and business members. The One World Gala is a global trivia competition where teams of 8-10 people are formed in the community to culminate in the crowning of the team with the highest Global IQ in the greater Cincinnati region!

The Kuy Plastic Surgery, Inc is a group that learns through involvement by having attended the past two years, “The annual trivia competition is great fun and embraces everyone present in the energy of the room. We all learned a lot, shared many laughs, with moments of triumph as well as defeat.”

This involvement not only creates a renewed desire to grow the participants own global competencies, but also supports the growth of global education programs of our Council, which prepares students of all ages to thrive in the 21st century global environment.

Learn more about the Gala by clicking here!

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GCWAC is incredibly grateful for the support of Kuy Plastic Surgery, Inc.

We are thankful for our friends in February! Throughout the month we will be featuring generous individuals and businesses in the greater Cincinnati area that are supporting our organization and our One World Gala.


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Written by: Arnela Zekic, Programs Manager, GCWAC  


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