Friends in February: Raj Mehta

Raj Mehta is Vice Provost for the International Affairs Department at the University of Cincinnati (UC). As such, he is a “strong proponent of international education for all our students.” Through UC’s education program, he hopes that all students will experience an “exposure to other cultures, ideas, and ways of thinking” in order to “better inform and understand their own.”

In an increasingly globalized world, the International Affairs program at UC hopes to impart “substantive knowledge” through a wide range of fields of study, from foreign languages to regional studies, including the Middle East, Europe, and Asia.

When asked about the One World Gala and Global Trivia competition, he responded, that it is a “fun way to engage that learning process together and have some good fun.” Mehta is confident UC’s team is the one to beat!

Interested in becoming a global citizen like Mehta? The Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council offers you a chance to explore new cultures, ideas, and ways of thinking at our One World Gala. The Gala is sure to teach you something with the international trivia game. Bring your A game to compete against globally minded businesses, community members, and even high schoolers! Are you smarter than a high schooler? Dare to find out!


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GCWAC is incredibly grateful for the support of Raj Mehta and the International Affairs Department at the University of Cincinnati.

We are thankful for our friends in February! Throughout the month we will be featuring generous individuals and businesses in the greater Cincinnati area that are supporting our organization and our One World Gala.

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Written by: Colleen Rizzo, Education Intern, GCWAC 


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