Thankful for our supporters

We want to thank our other sponsors of the One World Gala!

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is a medical facility that reaches out far beyond our own Greater Cincinnati area. Cincinnati Children’s hosts visitors from more than 80 countries to observe clinical activities and preform research in order to acquire skills to help children all over the world. Cincinnati Children’s According to CEO Michael Fisher, “Cincinnati Children’s is determined to strengthen our environment for all patients, families, and employees, so that diverse views and backgrounds are welcomed and valued. We are better when we all work together in our pursuit of innovation and outstanding outcomes, experience, and value.”

USB  is the expert in global financial advice. USB Financial provides financial resources for individuals as well as companies from “more than 50 countries” to manage and invest in their futures. They rely on their global presence to provide quality financial services.

Riverpoint Management Inc. provides advertising services that surpasses most marking brands. Riverpoint Management focuses on demographics research in order to reach a targeted audience. They are proud members and supporters of every community they work with and are always willing to give to those in need through philanthropy and volunteer work.

Miami University has more than 1800 international students from over 70 countries and extensive International Studies and World Language programs. Miami University supports its students’ global ambitions by providing study abroad opportunities and education that focuses on a broad, global view rather than a narrow, regional view. Their mission is to “empower each student, staff, and faculty member to promote and become engaged citizens who use their acquired knowledge and skills with integrity and compassion to improve the future of the community and the world.”

Becoming a global citizen like our sponsors is easy! By becoming a member of the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council, you will be opened to a world of new ideas and experiences. Our One World Gala is a great way to meet and mingle with other globally-minded community members. And test your Global IQ internationally themed trivia game.

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GCWAC again wants to thank our kind sponsors, USB Financial, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Riverpoint Management Inc., and Miami University!

We are thankful for our supporters! Find out who else is supporting us by clicking here!

Written by: Colleen Rizzo, Education Intern, GCWAC 


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