Farewell Spring Interns

Thank you our Spring 2016 interns for all your hard work! Find out where they’re going next.

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Julia Prus, Global Exchange Intern

As my time here at the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council comes to a close, I cannot help but be thankful for the opportunity to be involved with this fantastic organization. From visiting an ice cream factory with a group of Asian engineering doctoral candidates to filming children interviews with international visitors, I have had an amazing semester here.

As I am sad to leave this place, I am really excited to see what the future holds. In regards to my immediate future, I will be interning for the Committee on Arrangements at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer. I think it will be an incredibly busy and exciting experience that will surely provide plenty of stories and numerous connections. After that, I hope to move to Washington, DC in the fall.  I would like to pursue national security policy and foreign policy research, and I believe this to be the best place to do so. I am currently looking at research assistant positions in DC based research institutions and think tanks. I have hopes of combining my love for learning, international people and places, and critical thinking into a career that promotes safety, security, and peace.


IMG_9082 (1)Colleen Rizzo, Global Education Intern

The highlight of my final semester at Northern Kentucky University (NKU) was certainly the time I spent in the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council office. The best part of this internship was definitely seeing the One World Gala come together. Watching it go from planning stages to attending the actual event and seeing how many different people come together in the name of a more global Cincinnati was truly rewarding.

Now that I am graduating from NKU, I’m looking forward to taking some well-deserved time off to hit the road and explore the country. I will be starting off the summer with a road trip to Virginia to visit family. Over the Fourth of July weekend I will drive to Austin, Texas with stops along the way in Memphis and Dallas. When I’m not behind the wheel, I will hopefully be working as a research assistant for an editor of the Oxford African American Studies Center.  I am very excited to see what the future holds and what global connections I can continue to make after my time at the Cincinnati World Affairs Council.


IMG_9081 (1)Joseph, Global Exchange Intern

I have had an amazing time at GCWAC. Meeting so many great people from all around the world has been a blessing. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati (UC), I will be going to the Military Intelligence School down at Fort Huachuca Arizona, followed by language training at the Defense Language Institute in San Diego. I hope to pursue a Master’s Degree in International Affairs and Global Security and from there, work for the State Department. I hope to continue traveling and exploring the world in my spare time.

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