World News Update: 5.18.2016

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Chinese Regional Agenda 

Behind China’s Gambit in Pakistan” Daniel S. Markey and James West — CFR, May 12, 2016

Beijing Is setting the Stage for War in the South China Sea” Steve Mollman — Quartz, May 12, 2016

Putin’s Vision of a Greater Russia

How the U.S. Can Defeat Putin’s Shadow War” Sean McFate — The Daily Beast, May 13, 2016

Size Matters for Putin’s Nuclear Arsenal” Jeffrey Lewis — Foreign Policy, May 13, 2016

Middle Eastern Geopolitics 

U.S. Strategy and the War in Iraq and Syria” Anthony H. Cordesman — CSIS, May 13, 2016

The Promise of Middle Eastern Swing States” Kristina Kausch — Carnegie Europe, May 12, 2016

Iran Deal

Iran’s Unstoppable March Toward Dominance” Mohammed Nuruzzaman — The National Interest, May 12, 2016

Iran Breaches Nuclear Deal and UN Resolution for the Third Time” Majid Rafizadeh — Al Arabiya, May 13, 2016


Looming Brexit Brings Geostrategy to Germany” Almut Möller — Europe’s World, May 13 2016

Euroskepticism’s Empty Promise” Dalibor Rohac — POLITICO Europe, May 15, 2016

Brexit Would Impair Britain’s Ability to Tackle Terrorism and Organized Crime” Benoit Gomis — Chatham House, May 16, 2016

Greek Financial Crisis

Time to End the Greek Debt Tragedy” The New York Times — Editorial Board, MAY 13, 2016

Why Greece Still Needs Debt Relief” Barry Eichengreen — Fortune, MAY 11, 2016


Venezuela a Failing State  

Venezuela Is Falling Apart” Moises Naim and Francisco Toro — The Atlantic, May 12, 2016

Venezuela’s ‘State of Emergency’: How the Country Slid Into Crisis” Euan McKirdy — CNN, May 16, 2016


Brazil’s Economic Crisis

Michel Temer’s Plans for Brazil” The Economist — J.P., May 12th 2016

Brazilian President Suspended, Awaits Impeachment Trial” Mackenzie Weinger — The Cipher Brief, MAY 12, 2016

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