Ohio Youth Soccer: European Tour

Who cares if you win 15:0 win or lose 0:15? “The result is irrelevant,” says Jan Heller.

Jan Heller organized a friendly match between the D1-Juniors of “SV Planegg-Krailing”, located in Planegg, Germany and the youth team of the “Kings Hammer Soccer Club” from Ohio. The Americans who had arrived the previous evening by plane suffered a bit in the morning of jet lag. With only one substitute they fought through the game. While on the Planegger side, so many kickers wanted to come into play, they completely changed the line-up at the break. In the end, the hosts who were a year older and physically superior, saw the game through with a score of 15 to 0. That did not keep the Plannegger and Ohio boys from coming together afterwards to polish off a lunch of schnitzel with fries. The staff at the club restaurant and beer garden “s’Hüttl” (“little Hut”) postponed its planned summer vacation one additional day in order to supply the juniors and their families.

There were also gifts: The Planneger handed fan scarves of SVP with a pennant, and the Americans gave each one their flag (view picture above).

The team from Cincinnati moved on to visit the BMW World in Munich. Another stop on their European tour with their parents and chaperones.

It is possible in the coming years that a Planegger team will come visito Ohio. In any case, the first contacts have been initiated.

Want more about the students trips? Check out Board Member, Martin Wilhelmy ‘s Trip Reports on his Facebook here and the Kings Hammer Facebook here! 

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Nicole Kalenda
Translated loosely from the German original by Martin Wilhelmy.

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