Cincinnati-Argentina Teacher Exchange

Alison M. Roberson, an English teacher at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati, was thrilled to be the inaugural visitor on what she hopes will be the first of many exchanges with teachers in Cincinnati and teachers at Amicana English School in Mendoza, Argentina.

Alison observed classes, watched students perform plays in English, helped with classroom exercises, answered questions about her life in the U. S, and visited homes and sights of the city. Alison will host a teacher from Amicana School this fall.

This opportunity was the outcome of a meeting between Dr. Mary Ann Buchino, Advisory Board Member of the Greater Cincinnati World Affairs Council and Denise deBartolomeo, the Director of Amicana School. Denise came to Cincinnati in 2015 as a member of GCWAC’s International Leadership Visitors Program.

While in Argentina, her hosts Eliana, Ana Laura, and Denise also showed her the Andes Mountains, a winery and olive oil factory, and the monument to the Army of the Andes with San Martin at the Cerro de la Gloria (The Hill of Glory) along with everyday activities of Mendocinos. Since she was in the hemisphere, Alison took a few days to see moai on Easter Island. The warm people, fascinating history, and delicious food made for an unforgettable trip.


Teachers who might be interested in participating in a similar exchange are welcome to contact GCWAC at 859-448-8984 or



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