Implications of China’s 2018 Constitutional Changes

On Friday, March 30 the Chinese Chamber of Commerce hosted a panel to discuss the impact of the recent changes in the Chinese Constitution.   Our Board Chair, Rich Lauf and Board of Director, Bill Sena participated as panelists on behalf of the Council. The discussion covered several important changes largely overlooked by the news coverage, which has mainly focused on removal of Presidential and Vice Presidential term limits.  “I probably learned more than I contributed, since fellow panel members included some deep experts on China,” said Rich Lauf.   

To learn more about the panel discussion visit these links listed below.

President, Xi Jinping’s speech to the Congress.

“It has been called the most important political speech since Gorbachev’s speech ending the Soviet Union,” said Rich Lauf.

President of the Asia Society, Kevin Rudd’s, speech to the cadets and the US Military Academy.    

The Council on Foreign Relations panel on the topic.

The Center for Strategic and International Studies panel on the topic.

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