How much do you really know about the world and all the different countries in it?

Click on a country below to learn about its people, government, and economy, but also the food, music, culture and more! There is a Cincinnati Connection tab with each country profile to highlight the many connections Cincinnati has with international cultures. Also, make sure to check out our new and improved cultural guides for the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, which includes resources for finding restaurants, educational and linguistic resources, cultural organizations, and more!

The World Affairs Council programs have been a platform for our students to be able to connect what they are learning in school to the world around them. Every event that we attend makes a sincere impact on our students and allows them to view the world in a different lens. Through the WAC programs, such as the Academic World Quest Team and International Summit on Education, our school has continued to challenge the way that our kids learn and how we can connect our content to the world around us.”
- Joshua Amstutz, Winton Woods High School Teacher