Borders are just lines on a map. Join as an academic member of the Global Ed Network to support education programs that diminish those boundaries for students and teachers in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

Join the Global Ed Network

In partnership with school districts, global community partners, and collaborating businesses, the World Affairs Council champions global education efforts through innovative, interactive, and experiential approaches. For our Global Ed Network, we design year long academic enrichment and leadership opportunities for students and teachers to focus on cross-cultural experiences, global careers, and knowledge activities.

Bring the world to your district today! We’ll partner with you to create a program that fits your needs.
Please find here a sampling of what we can offer.

This member network is an exclusive form for schools supporting students’ growth in 21st century skills and global competency.

CONTACT: Ciarra Wooten, Education and Development Coordinator, or call 1.859.448.8984 to join the Global Ed Network.

Hosting international visitors is a unique benefit offered to members-first. Visitors are sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and have been recognized as leaders effecting real change in their home communities. Connect with these leading individuals from around the world by hosting them for dinner in your home.”
- The Goldberg family, World Affairs Council member